Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Because it was empty

Noah has a hard time remembering to keep the light off, stay in bed, and not scream that he is Indiana Jones when we put him to bed. Jaden and Noah share a room so this is a real drag for Jaden who has school in the morning. Anyway, recently we have been putting Noah in our bed, just to get him our of the room where Jaden is sleeping. Noah doesn't like this plan AT ALL. He cries and cries and cries until finally he falls asleep. Being the mean mom that I am I just let him cry... it's good for him, and he needs to learn the consequence of being such a little butt head!

As mentioned before, he doesn't like this idea very well. Last night was NO EXCEPTION! We were watching SVU and suddenly Noah is screaming his head off. I just rolled my eyes and sent Mike up. About 5 minutes later Noah is still screaming and Mike walks downstairs, sits on the couch and says, "I can't deal with him." Sigh... I guess it's my turn... I truge up the stairs to see what the problem is and he comes walking (still screaming) out of my bedroom completely and totally naked. This is become an unfortunate habit of his at bedtime... taking off all his clothes. I ask him why he is crying and he says it's because "Because... um... because... I um.... I peed in the shoebox." (this is the queue for my blood pressure to start rising.)

"Noah! Why did you pee in the shoebox? There is a bathroom right there?!?! Why did you pee in the shoe box."

"Because the wannapona see wha tee boo!"

"Noah, take a deep breath and stop crying. I can't understand you."

Noah takes a deep breath and turns off the waterworks. (Note: this is the number on indication that he was FAKING!!!) Once he was calmed down I said "Okay, now tell me why you peed in the box."

(On the verge of falling apart again.) "Because it was empty!" Queue waterworks...

I turned around and looked down the stairs to Mike who was shaking quietly and covering his mouth...

I couldn't look at Noah for a couple of minutes because I was laughing so hard.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Brown Roses

I thought this was really neat. I am totally going to get some of these for my yard. Have you ever heard of a Brown rose? I think they are cool:

I also found these. They are called "Black Roses" but I thought they were really pretty:

Anyway, I thought they were nice.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well... we did the heart attack on Monday and it was great fun. The Nosy Nellie that is my brother in law Greg (Best... not James) opened the door and then my sister in law came home at exactly the wrong time. She wasn't very discreet or sympathtic for the kids that were hoping for a surprise. She just stopped to chat then pushed her way through and into the house. It was a little strange. Anyway, after my in laws we went to my parents house and did it to them. It was really fun because they weren't nosy and didn't open the door. The boys had so much fun sneaking around and whispering, they got a little cold at the end but it was really fun for them.

I got to hold Jennie and Greg's babies yesterday (Mike's sister had twins late last year). That was lots of fun. Because we've been so sick we haven't seen anybody in Mike's family for weeks and weeks but I got to hold both of them at the same time. I should have taken a picture. It was super cute.

Mike has started receiving his gifts for Valentine's Week. He was a little confused the first night. I don't normally give him presents for no reason at all but yesterday he started to catch on. I did the whole thing with the candy bars and he said " That was great, I've never had one of those posters and I've always wanted one." I don't think anybody would understand the magnitude of that comment... just me. It's one of those things that only your spouse could know and I know how big of a deal that was for him and how flattered he was. (BTW Greg... my husband likes the cheesy stuff!) Anyway, it's really helping our currently strained relationship. (Only strained because of the day to day things of regular life... no worries, nothing to dramatic!) Anyway, I thought I'd give you a quick update of how things are going. Nothing too exciting... man! I'm exhausted!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day

I said that I was going to dedicate this blog to being prepared for the second coming... well, this entry does that, in a round about way... We have been really having a hard time the last few weeks.. just life, kids sick, jobs are stressful, and a constant need to do the laundry and dishes!!! Nothing too much to worry about (it would be nice to be included in prayers... if you think about it. Man! I had an awesome experience the other day with prayer... another time though) just the difficulties of life getting to us. \Well, because of the discouragement that seems to be sweeping through my house like poison lately I have felt inspired to express to my husband how much I love him. You can tell somebody something a hundred times and it's still the same thing over and over, just words. I have been trying to serve him by doing little things... not whining as much when he has to go to a Jazz game for his work... ahem... and when he has church stuff to do.

On top of doing that stuff I have decided that I am going to do an extra special thing for Valentine's day next week! Every day he's going to get a little treat from a "Secret Admirer!" I wonder if he will tell me about it if I say it's from a secret admirer... hmm... that is going to be an interesting experiment (I'm NOT setting him up... it will just be interesting...) I bet he'll tell me about it. We don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day because it's just such a cheesy holiday and we usually just end up in an argument! Once we even celebrated in August (6 months later) so we could avoid the crowds... we just aren't big on Valentine's day... that's changing this year! Anyway, here are my brillant ideas...

Day 1: Use the following website to send him a braille message via email from a secret admirer.

Day 2: Money for my Honey... Check out this website.

Day 3: New Shirt and Tie with a note that says "We are a perfect fit!"

Day 4: Poster Board telling him how much I love him with candy bars. (You know, "Don't 'Snicker' but I think you are a 'Mr. Goodbar.'" Kind of thing)

Day 5: A small Scrapbook that is just pictures of us and has reasons that I love him in it. Check out this website.

Day 6 or 7: I'm just not sure what order I'm going to do these things in yet but I am going to make him a hanging paper heart and fill it with candy for him to wake up to. (I'm going to do this for my whole family)

Then the other one I'm going to do will be making heart shaped cinnamon rolls and taking them to his work.
FUN huh?!?!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Boredom Busters

Okay, I know that the title of this entry is totally creative and cute... not my idea. (I am hanging my head in shame.) Anyway (Okay, no more hanging) I found this FABULOUS website that I may have mentioned before but I don't remember... anyway, it's called Sugardoodle. It's got great ideas for everything from FHE to.... hmm... can't think of a "to." Well, it's a great website and my primary kids can credit most of my lessons to it. I strongly suggest you check it out.

On this amazing website I found a fantastic list of things for kids to do. I have printed this out and I'm going to hang it on my fridge so when my kids want to turn on the TV we can find something else a little more creative for them to do... some of the things on here need parental guidance (especially with kids as young as mine) but some of the stuff they can do without me which gives me a minute to load the dishwasher or do a load of laundry. Go check it out.... right... here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Different Direction

Well, I have been thinking about something. I don't think anybody would argue with me that this world is getting scary! The economy in the crapper and all the scary things happening out there. Then you read the scriptures and that gets me even more scared for my little family! My cute kids are SUCH good kids (most of the time) and I can see Jaden's little testimony blossoming and (thank heavens) Noah follows his example... at least so far. I do know that I am responsible for teaching them the things that they need to know to make it and "be all they can be." That is not a responsibility I take lightly. I think about how I can help them and teach them things every day. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that all my kids need and I frequently feel like I'm totally failing them. But then I stand up and say all I can do is the best I can do and sometimes my best sucks! Luckily my best is usually pretty good. They are good boys.

Anyway, now I will get back to the subject at hand. The second coming is... coming my friends. I am done with the goals I had set for myself, I am going to erase them and am going to spend my time and energy preparing for the second coming. I figure that's kind of all inclusive. You have to be ready financially, spiritually, and all other ways. Also, I want to help others be ready so ocassionally I will post ideas on how to get ourselves prepared for the second coming of the Savior.

Okay... here goes. I once had a dream about food storage (I know, I have the strangest dreams... last night it was like my brain was throwing up! I dreamed that my best friend from High School was sitting INSIDE a vending machine! I seriously dream in technicolor... it's all very vivid... and EXHAUSTING!) and since then I have been totally obsessed with food storage but because of my POOR planning skills (poor doesn't even begin describe the extend of my planning skills) I have never really had much more than just a few weeks of food storage. I get so proud of myself when buy something to put in my food storage. (Funny story - Once Mike and I were in Provo for a BYU football game and on the way home we were going to stop at a park to meet his family and have a picnic. Before we could do that we needed to stop at the grocery store to pick some stuff for a PICNIC... so stuff like paper plates, plastic forks etc. When we got there we were talking about trying to beef up our food storage and decided to start watching sales and buying things for our food storage that way... well, we got so excited that when we walked into the grocery store... in Provo - We DON'T live in Provo, we live on the other side of the mountain actually- to buy paper plates we ended up walking out with 6 boxes of cake mix because they were on sale! Can we say ADHD??? I get so distracted so easily. We still have a couple of the boxes and that was not last football season but the season before!!! I still have them because I always forget that we bought those so I buy another whenever I need it. I really need more structure to my life.) But I don't have anything documented so I really have no idea what I have... I could tell another story but I won't... I'm such a space cadet! Well, in order to build my food storage I am going to use this plan. Once this plan is completed it there will be enough food for one person to survive for a year. I figure that will keep my family kicking for a few months so I think that's a good place to start! Anyway, I'll keep you all informed on how things are going.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Isaiah... the great brick wall in the Book of Mormon

At least for me...

I am not the brightest star in the sky (not stupid, by any means but sometimes a little dense) and I NEVER get anything out of Isaiah. Truth be told I have not been doing very well at the scripture goal (everything kind of stopped when Jack got sick.. now that he's better I'm trying hard again) but I have reached the Isaiah the chapters in 1st Nephi. Oh man! They are rough... I find myself just reading them to just get through them and call it good... sometimes I skip them. I don't know what to do, this is ALWAYS the point that I lose my gumption and the scriptures just start collecting dust. I REALLY LOVE the stuff after it but the actual Isaiah chapters...

Anyway, I wanted to share this AMAZINGingly brillant idea I read about today... My pantry is a death trap. Always so messy. Then that mess always tends to vomit out all over the kitchen. Can I just say that I LOVE chalkboard chalk? I think it's brillant! A FANTASTIC IDEA! (Sidebar - My sister had the idea of making a list of all her spices and keeping it tapes up to the inside of her spice cabinet because... like the rest of the world... she will keep buying the same spice over and over again because she doesn't think she has it. Then that retched cabinet is just overflowing with duplicates of the SAME STUPID SPICE!!! Well, Jill... this one is for you. instead of using a peice of paper, which will undoubtably get all wrinkly from old age and will get all messy when you write a spice up there then it's gone and you have to scribble it out, cover the inside of your cupboard with chalkboard paint and keep a single piece of chalk handy. That way, when you use a spice, you simply erase it. when you buy a new spice just add it to the bottom. I know I know... I'm brillant... now back to the pantry) Using an old Ruler paint it with chalkboard paint and hang it in your closet. I don't think I'm doing this brillant idea justice. Here is a picture...
Now do you understand the brillance. For the story behind this glorious creation go to this website...