Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Because it was empty

Noah has a hard time remembering to keep the light off, stay in bed, and not scream that he is Indiana Jones when we put him to bed. Jaden and Noah share a room so this is a real drag for Jaden who has school in the morning. Anyway, recently we have been putting Noah in our bed, just to get him our of the room where Jaden is sleeping. Noah doesn't like this plan AT ALL. He cries and cries and cries until finally he falls asleep. Being the mean mom that I am I just let him cry... it's good for him, and he needs to learn the consequence of being such a little butt head!

As mentioned before, he doesn't like this idea very well. Last night was NO EXCEPTION! We were watching SVU and suddenly Noah is screaming his head off. I just rolled my eyes and sent Mike up. About 5 minutes later Noah is still screaming and Mike walks downstairs, sits on the couch and says, "I can't deal with him." Sigh... I guess it's my turn... I truge up the stairs to see what the problem is and he comes walking (still screaming) out of my bedroom completely and totally naked. This is become an unfortunate habit of his at bedtime... taking off all his clothes. I ask him why he is crying and he says it's because "Because... um... because... I um.... I peed in the shoebox." (this is the queue for my blood pressure to start rising.)

"Noah! Why did you pee in the shoebox? There is a bathroom right there?!?! Why did you pee in the shoe box."

"Because the wannapona see wha tee boo!"

"Noah, take a deep breath and stop crying. I can't understand you."

Noah takes a deep breath and turns off the waterworks. (Note: this is the number on indication that he was FAKING!!!) Once he was calmed down I said "Okay, now tell me why you peed in the box."

(On the verge of falling apart again.) "Because it was empty!" Queue waterworks...

I turned around and looked down the stairs to Mike who was shaking quietly and covering his mouth...

I couldn't look at Noah for a couple of minutes because I was laughing so hard.


michellejohnnie said...

Oh Kids! That is hilarious! Ii'm glad to know that I am not the only one with kids who have difficulty falling asleep and peeing in strange places!!!

michellejohnnie said...

Where are you? Haven't heard from you in months!!! Miss you!